The stunningly beautiful plumage of a peacock is due to the intelligent design of tiny, crystal-like structures, each of which contains a sliver of pigment. When combined, they give the peacock its unique and beautiful display of colours. All 170 eye feathers in its tail are spaced apart with a remarkable degree of uniformity, with the axis of every feather projected from a common geometrical centre. Not only can a peacock deploy its feathers through the muscles in its tail, it can also make them vibrate and produce a characteristic hum.
Cloud Gate, a public sculpture by Indian-born British artist Anish Kapoor, is the centrepiece of Chicago's Millenium Park. The name refers to the sculpture acting as a gate that connects the earth and the sky, by reflecting passing clouds on its highly polished surface. Critical reviews describe the sculpture as a passage between the realms, as three quarters of the sculpture's external surface reflects the heavens. Inspired by the fluidity of liquid mercury, the sculpture is composed of 168 welded stainless steel plates, but its exterior shows no visible seams.
Vespas are a metaphor for the Italian lifestyle; reflecting the Italian love of beauty, design and style. Combining sleek good looks with the ability to handle Italy's winding city streets, the Vespa is a globally recognised symbol of the 'La Dolce Vita' lifestyle that has been emulated across the world.
With 'Intelligent Design', we use our knowledge and expertise to reconceive internal spaces. Making them fit seamlessly around our client's needs and desires for effortlessly simple and comfortable experiences.
Developments conceived and built with vision, verve and imagination can engage, inspire and uplift people. That's why we apply 'Uplifting Aesthetics' in all our designs, with the intention of developing cutting-edge properties to enhance our residents' comfort levels.
Only by actively seeking the latest trends and ideas from across the world are we able to be amongst the best in the world. By embracing a worldly perspective, we encourage the cosmopolitan spirit of curiosity, openness and gregariousness that reflect our customers.